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To offer you the best solutions, the Derren team is constantly evolving. We select quality steels, provide support in the selection of heat treatment modes and answer technical questions.
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Webinar about steels for making knives. Description of the process, the main mistakes, and how to avoid them. A new look at the process from our specialists. (Russian Voiceover)
Stainless Damascus Etching – Damasteel (Russian Voiceover).
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You can get detailed information about steels and materials by contacting us.
Friedr. Lohmann
Crucible Industries
Balbach Damast

Delivery time

1-5 days – if there is metal in our warehouse in Nizhny Novgorod, 3-6 weeks – if supplied from the supplier's warehouse, the delivery time for metal from the new production is agreed separately.

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